Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunny's New Style

Christmas came & went, 1967 was three days away. Vidal has now given me full responsibility of the salon. He had casually mentioned wanting to open another salon in Queens, over the past few months, & now he has started to look for good property seriously.
I started to give Brad more responsibilities, since my clientele was so strong, especially for my hair coloring methods.
My relationship with my 'Mom', was still strained, but for my son, we called a truce. If we don't talk to each other, then we can't fight. I was allowed to take my son on shopping trips & outings again, thankfully. We always had such fun together, but, going home, the both of us would fall silent. I prayed that I would soon be in law school, with the promise of having my son live with me.
Josef & Agness were shivering from the cold, watching me try to open the salon doors. It was so cold this morning in the city, with the wind stinging your face, making your eyes tear. The lock was frozen, & the key was getting jammed.
"Give me that", Josef said gruffly, "I'm freezing to death, & your piddling with this!"
"Good, you do it", as I stood back from the door.
"Now, now, children, play nice. Just get us in the damn store!" Agnes' face was so red from the wind & cold.
Finally, the key turned in the lock. We rushed into the warmth of the salon, Josef went to the back to turn the lights on, the music started playing in the back ground. Agnes put a pot of coffee on, as I went to the safe to get the register cash. I was entering information into the ledger, when a burst of cold air swept across my face. I looked up, & there was Sunny, with that sideways grin on his face.
"Good Morning Sunny," I tried to sound respectful, but indifferent.
I could see Josef walking briskly towards the desk.
"Hey, how are you man?" Josef placed himself cleverly between Sunny & me.
"Good, good," replied Sunny, "I just wanted to speak with CeCe a minute."
Josef looked at me, then walked over to his station, getting it set up for the day, carefully me & Sunny though the mirror.
"Is something wrong with your hair?" It looked fine to me, but I really didn't care.
"The cuts good, He said, brushing it with his fingers. " Did you open the gift?"
"Oh, yes," I got up & walked over to my station, removed the box from my drawer quickly & walked back to where Sunny was standing, holding the box out to him.
His eyes looked at the box & back to me, with a puzzled look on his face.
"What's this?"
"Sunny, I can't accept such a expensive gift!," Please God, I thought to myself, let this go smoothly.
"Yes you can!" His tone was indigent, & demanding.
"Sunny", I lite a cigarette, & took a sip of coffee that Agnes brought over to me, "The gesture is very nice, but, I can't accept a gift of that magnitude from a client. I appreciate your generosity, but, you must take it back."
"NO!", His eyes were ablaze. I almost got frightened for a moment, & was relieved to see Vidal walk thru the doors.
"Good morning everyone" Vidal yelled out, as he hurried to remove his coat in the back.
"You can't do this to me, Cece," His tone was full of anger. "I searched high & low for this to give you. Your keeping it!"
Vidal was now sitting in my station chair holding the cup of coffee that Agnes prepared for him, just watching Sunny & me.
"No, Sunny." I placed the box on the desk in front of Sunny. "I cannot accept it & I won't."
This man raised fear in me now. I was not going to be forced to do anything, by any man, that I didn't want to do anymore. I disliked feeling fear, especially, when it concerned a man. Josef & Agnes became silent. Vidal watched closely.
"Sunny," I took a deep breath & swallowed hard, "I'm sorry to upset you, but, I think that maybe you should go somewhere else for your haircuts from now on."
I hoped that I sounded strong. I hoped that Vidal would support my decision.
"Right, yes, I will go somewhere else! See you around, CeCe!" He turned, pulled the door open & left the salon, leaving the box on the desk.
"Josef. Take this out to him, please." I motioned to the box. Josef ran out the door, stopped Sunny a few doors down, retuning with the box in hand.
"Said he never takes back anything he gives or says." With a shrug of his shoulders, Josef placed the box on my station. Our clients were starting to come thru the doors. Another day, another dollar.

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